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Zero is the name of Mondraker’s proprietary suspension system and is used on all of its full suspension bikes. The advantage that this suspension system provides is evident in all MTB riding from XC with 100mm travel to 200mm travel downhill bikes, covering all categories in between like Trail, All Mountain and Enduro.  The Zero suspension system has been optimized and adapted for every use or category and differentiates itself clearly from other suspension systems.

The Zero suspension system is used in the suspension frames of Lithium 100mm, Factor 29er 110mm, Tracker 120mm, Foxy 140mm, Dune 160mm and the Summum at 200mm travel.

DESCRIPTION The Zero System belongs to the category that we call “Virtual Pivot” suspension system.  These systems have their own particular mechanical configuration by means of two rotating plates that connect the rear triangle with the front triangle. The most significant difference of the Zero system is that the rear shock is floating between two plates and is compressed from both ends.

Depending on the optimization of the system and based on its usage, the lower plate compresses the rear shock an average of about 35% of its total length and the upper plate approximately 65%. The positioning of the rear shock together with the compression that the shock receives from both sides makes this system unique. 

CHARACTERISTICS There are four key points that make the Zero Suspension system so incredibly effective:

• Zero power loss. Pedalling and suspension forces are perfectly balanced and it prevents any unwanted movements produced whilst pedalling, resulting in maximum efficiency without extra compression or extension of the rear suspension.

• Zero pedal kickback. Chain length growth throughout the suspension travel is insignificant avoiding any backward movement of the crank set that could lead to poor pedalling efficiency or cadence.

• Zero brake jack. The brake forces do not alter the suspension system. The rear shock will absorb impacts without changing its function whilst using the rear brake.

• Zero bumps. The main characteristic of the system is its excellent absorption capacity with at the same time a high pedalling efficiency. The optimized trajectory of the rear axe and the linear nature of the rear shock assure very effective impact absorption.

ADVANTAGES Thanks to the configuration of the system and the cinematic features, our Zero system gives clear advantages compared to other existing systems you can find in the market. These advantages are very much perceived when you ride a bike with zero suspension, which allows the rider to perform significantly better.

• High absorption for any kind of impacts.  The perception you feel using this system or bike is the feeling as if you were using a rear shock with a larger travel. The developed progression of the system together with the high initial Sag percentage makes the Zero a high quality suspension system.

• More initial sensibility thanks to the positioning of the rear shock that compresses itself significantly from both sides. This mechanical configuration gives the rear shock more reaction capacity for all impacts it suffers and allows the wheels to take more easily all the obstacles it comes across on the track.

• Amazing pedalling effectiveness. The system features a total balance of the forces induced by pedalling with the optimized Sag position, which ensures that all the power transmitted to the pedals is converted into speed.